Friday, September 9, 2011

Escuela e espanol!

Shout out to mi padre...quien quiere oir sobre mis clases y la lengua!

Primero..clases...In general I don't like the university system here, it is probably because I really miss U of O and spending time on campus. Classes are long, 2 hours twice a week, which doesn't seem bad but when you have had 3 classes before that one, it is nearly intolerable. For the most part they are interesting though but we haven't really done much.  Finally I have a control de lectura to work on for my etnografia class and an article to read for my history class. The class I do the most work for is my living and learning class that is taught in English. Also classes aren't well organized here, at all. This is probably just me being an American, but I literally have no idea where any of my classes are coming from or going, I swear everyday we talk about something completely different from the day before.

Secundo...lenguaje! Using my spanish is hard sometimes outside of my house because I spend so much time with other CIEE participants, but often I am surprised when I am able to hold up conversations. I think last night was one of the best; Ella emily y yo went to our Peruvian friend Indy's house to hangout before we went out and we all talked the entire time in spanish. Very fulfilling. We are going with Indy to her friends BBQ this weekend, hopefully we make some more Peruvian friends!

This weekend is full of interesting things including Rachel's Birthday, Mistura (taste of Peru if you will- where all the pest chefs of Peru come together for a week of overeating amazing peruvian food), BBQ, going to the US Embassy on Sunday, and hopefully some surfing.


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  1. Thank you for the shout out/studies update. It makes me happy to see your studies going well. I love your blog.