Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Baking is strange here, no one knows how to use their oven! Probably because everyone has empleadas.

Last week before I left for Cuzco I made lemon bars with my host sister. We burned them a little but they were still amazing! Unfortunately out of the 1.5 pans that were there when I left only 2 squares were left when I returned...still sad about that.

Anyway tonight I went to Ella's house after my only class and we bought a box of betty crocker brownie mix! We couldn't find the right kind of pan so we used a mini muffin tray. But when it came time to light the oven nobody knew how except for her abuelita..after some failed attempts the room started to smell like gas so they turned off the gas to the house and we packed the raw brownies and got on the bus. THE BUS. with raw brownies...crazy. We went over to Elva's brothers and baked/burned our brownie bites there. In the end they were delish, I just don't get how nobody knows how to work their ovens.


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