Saturday, July 30, 2011

First days in Lima

Pisco Sour

Hola a todos!
This is the end of day 2 in Lima and I already feel like I have been here forever, mainly because I have had no sleep and everyday feels like 2 days in one! So I will just start with my first night; Ella showed up at 2am and her roommate was dead asleep so she and I ended up sharing my twin bed..rough night but good thing we like eachother. Then we had a placement exam at 9 that morning. The rest of the days we have been doing orientation and such- learning about safety and homestays. Friday and Saturday we went to these huge Peruvian buffets for lunch so we could have a chance to try all the typical dishes. Soo much seafood-yuck! But if you are into that then you should probably come visit:)
Last night we students got to go out on our own. After charging our phones at the grocery(yah weird) we headed to Lacro Mall, which is this huge mall built into the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Amazing. Tons of bars and dance clubs. Oh and I forgot to mention Piscos Sours....the national drink or whatever...not right. No but they are pretty good. We also took a bus tour of Lima and it was pretty cool, we went along the coast, spotted some dolphins, saw the new huge statue of Jesus Cristo, and saw some of the neighborhoods we will be living in.
I love it already! Tomorrow is the big day, as in we go home with our homestays! So excited. Plus Peru is just a huge confidence booster because all the guys think you are pretty and want to buy you drinks and drive you around..Mom if you read this that was a joke.Kind of.
Haven't eaten cuy(guinea pig) yet..but I was almost about to try a bit of cow heart, and then I thought for a minute and decided that was not a good idea. More pictures to come soon!
Ciao Ciao Bacalao!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hasta Deciembre!

So if you haven't heard I'm leaving tomorrow to study abroad in Lima, Peru! So stay tuned for somewhat of a photo blog of my 5 month adventure in Peru. If you want a more personal update feel free to email me at I'm going to try to update this weekly but I'm not sure how much time I will have for this so don't be disappointed if I never update...but that won't happen! Leave me comments.
Love you all
Here is a little preview of what is to come..

campus bookstore I believe