Sunday, September 11, 2011


...More like heaven. Yesterday I went to Mistura with some amigos..and lets just say it was really overwhelming but really amazing. It was in Parque de la Exposicion, which is just a giant park downtown Lima, the way they have it set up is so the entire park is surrounded by restaurant booths and then there are these giant tents selling cooking stuff, food I think, doing demonstrations and I don't know what because I didn't have enough time to go into any of them. Anyway we went around getting a bunch of plates and then taste testing from everybody elses . There was a lot of ceviche, but I don't eat seafood so no, but here are some things I did try- an amazing risoto, lomo saltado lasagna, anticuchos (cow heart.....yah), milkshake de lucuma, tacu tacu ( a dish from the jungle that was super good) and then we got pisco sours that were apparently the best in town. The only reason I tried the cow heart was because, well when in Rome, and also it was apparently the best of the best...the line took us at least an hour so yah had to be good.

I want to go back and eat good!

Also it was kind of strange, we got special privileges; because we are tourists we got to sit in this little gated off section. Whereas before when we were with everyone else we were just sitting on the grass because there weren't enough tables. It was odd and I didn't really like it..but the Peruvian we were with said it was just because they want us to say good things about their cuisine and the experience so more tourists will come. yo no se.

 Meghan in front of the entrance
 causa's con causa! -potato stacked with chicken and avocado in the center

My camera was dead so sadly those are the only pics I have..but I will steal some from other people later and post em!

Also we have had three days of sun in a row! Which is kind of a big deal...and yesterday at mistura it was actually uncomfortably hot outside..can't wait for more of that kind of weather! I went to a BBQ last night with our peruvian friend Indy at her friends house. Went on an errand with Indy to her aunts house in the middle of the BBQ and met some of her family which was fun. It was nice to be at someone's house and hangout with other peruvians...makin' friends! Alsooo we ended the night by falling into the pool..which some people were not too happy about..oops.