Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Too good not to share!

..literally! The past 3 days have been really awesome and I just thought hey why not blog about!lolzz. Sunday I got up at noon to delicious pancakes mm soo good. Then I decided I'm getting fat eating rice for every meal, EVERY day! So I ran to the beach which wasn't that far, but then I walked along malecon(boardwalk(basically a bike path along the cliffs overlooking the ocean)) alll the way to Miraflores..which is about a 30 minute ride on the micro. It was soo nice to be out in the fresh air..even 2 hours later when I finally got back home. Then my host families sons kids were here and they were adorable! Juan Diego 7 and Julieta 1.5 years old! I had fun playing with them until Julieta stepped in poop at the park...Anyway Monday after class we all decided to hangout in Miraflores which turned into some of us walking again to the malecon and sitting at some play ground with Meghan's host sister and her friends. That was fun, until we lost track of time, micros stopped running, and we didn't get home til 1am. But today was when the real fun started. After school we met our companeros which was cool, David if you read this 'holla! que chevere!' Then I went back to Miraflores with Ella to dine at the nicest restaurant in Peru with Uncle Vince, Aunt Robyn and Cara. I have never in my life seen so much food, it was amazing, delicious, incredible...I'm out of adjectives..soo look at these pictures below:) Unfortunately after I was not feeling so well..montezuma found me:( oh well haha!

Ella's dessert..unreal. Some hot chocolate thing poured over lucma ice cream..
we didn't ask for this!

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  1. Hahaha Sarita. Me encantas! Tu escritura me hace triste porque te quiero aqui ahora! That is probably all wrong. Wahoops. miss yew I enjoy this so much!