Sunday, August 14, 2011

Semana Dos

Hola a todos! Well I've been pretty busy down here, this week was the last week of intensive spanish class, which is a good thing! Monday we start real classes, eek! Wednesday though we took a field trip to Polvos Azules(blue powder) this huge black market. It smelled bad and I didn't feel it was a bad mix. But they had seriously any DVD you could ever think of, tons of shoes, and electronics. Anyway Friday we went to this bar Tayta..which was muy chevere, there was a live band singing covers of American songs which was kind of funny. Then we went to a salsa club which also had a live band. It was amazing! Ella and I may or may not have fallen in love with one of the singers. Saturday we all went on a tour of Huaca Pucllana, an Incan temple right in Miraflores! It was interesting more or less, but then I realized they had just been putting the bricks back together so it wasn't even legit. Then last night we went to Sargento Pimiento (sargent peppers), seriously so cool. They played American music from the 90's which was also funny. Anyway here are some fotos of my weekend!

Nicola, Marion's daughter, que lindaa no?

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