Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So today(tuesday) was my second day of real classes but my first day in direct classes, monday I only had CIEE courses. Anyway we have this weird thing where foreigners can go to all the classes they want and see what they like. So that's what I did, and let me tell you it is exhausting! So today, firstly could not for the life of me find my class because all the buildings have letters instead of names and they are not on a map you are just supposed to know them somehow. Made it to my literature class in H finally and that sucked. So not taking that. Then I went to a history class that was cancelled. Then I went to a cinema class that was boring but taught by a well-known movie critic which is cool. Then to another history class which I liked. The to ecotourism which was good at first until he lectured for 2 hours (mind you it was 6-8 pm!). Tomorrow I have my CIEE classes and then ethnography which I think will be really fun! Also I am losing my English skills...today after the cinema class I asked Ella, and I quote " Are you thinking of still might taking that". Not right. The good thing is I definitely won't have classes on Fridays and there is a chance I won't have them on Thursdays either. WohooO!

Last night I made a list of all the foods I miss...that is all I want for Christmas, a buffet of all my favorite foods.
Miss you america!

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