Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adventures !

Well yesterday was my busiest day so far this week, I had class from 10-6 with only an hour break. And on top of that I have a runny nose. But my last class was Etnografia de la Amazonia which proved to be very interesting, but the lecture got a little long. I am really excited for that class though.

Anyway today has been good because I don't have class until 3! So of course I slept in til 11 and then went on a walk, which is where the adventure part comes in. First I walked to this park that was really nice in San Isidro, which is a fairly upper class residential neighborhood next to mine. Then I kept walking down some random streets and stumbled upon a pyramid! Crazy! It looked a lot like Huach Pucllana but more put together. The I stumbled upon the country club so I kept walking in search of the Country Club hotel which I have heard is really nice. Then I found it! It was near all of these embassies and it was also really nice. There is a starbucks attached to it which I think will be nice in case I start really missing gringos.

Also next weekend we are planning a trip to Ica/Huacachina. It is in the desert, Huacachina is literally a desert oasis, see the picture below. And we are going to go sandboarding!Can't wait.
Also I have been looking into trips to Iquitos(amazon) and hopefully in September we will get to go there. That's all for now. Going to a museum tonight with Ella and her madre!
un beso!

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