Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fin De!

Yesterday Ella and I went downtown Lima! We took a bus for an hour and some how we ended up there fine. The plaza was beautiful, but our purpose was to go to the catacombas and anyway we got distracted shopping in a little market and eating the best churros in the whole world, and so we were too late for the catacombs:( otra vez!

Anyway we ran into some friends who were also late for the catacombs so we hungout with them for awhile and practiced our spanish. We went into the church and looked around for a bit then as we were walking out I tripped down the steps and fell on my knees, it was really embarasing jaja! Here are some of the lovely pics Ella and I took yesterday. Can't wait to go back and actually see the catacombs.

Oh and I forgot, today we had a dance workshop where we learned a bunch of dance moves! We learned the festioj( i never can get the name right), alcatraz(where you take a lighter and light it under someones butt...extrano, no?), some salsa, some merengue, a little carnival and others I don't know the names of.
new born baby on campus...que lindaaaa

plaza de armas
where a lot of famous people hungout including Che Guevara

"hi, I like churros"
thanks for the recommendation Cara!
loca loca locaa

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  1. Me gustan tus fotos!
    Lima looks awesome! Catacombs sound creepy! But awesome! I love reading this blog! Skype soon?
    p.s. Send me a churro xoxox sarah