Sunday, August 21, 2011

Did it...

..went to the catacombas today!

Woke up today with the intentions of running to the beach again, but my host sister Viole had her brazilian friend Danilo over and they invited me to go to the center of Lima with them. So that I did. Emily came with and we went around to some mercados indios and bought some cheap goodies. Today is Dia de los ninos..I don't know why we don't have that in the US. It is basically like mothers day for kids:) I think everyday in the US is that though. Anyway every where we looked there were dancers in the street and costumes and parades. It was pretty fun. Then Emily and I met up with Jacey and Ian and finally got to go see the catacombs! The museum before was pretty cool, it was a tour of a monastery, but you couldn't take any pictures which was sad because the library was soo cool, they said it was the most important library in South America, I think that's what they said at least. Then we went down to the catacombs which where cool, scary, and musky. Saw lots of leg bones and skulls. Apparently they run all throughout Lima and there are 2 more levels below where we were. Lets just say I would not want to get lost there or play hide-and-go-seek there.

Tomorrow we register for classes, leaving for school at 6...not excited for that at all.

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