Sunday, August 7, 2011

Primero fin de semana!

First weekend was successful! Friday we all, as in some students from CIEE met in Barranco. First though Emily Ella and I went to Jen's house in barranco, right next to the ocean. It is seriously amazing, just what I want my house to look like. Her padres are artists and there are paintings everywhere it was sweet. We went to some bars in the main plaza of Barranco and it was fun. Then Saturday I woke up early early and Viole(hermana de yo),Ella,Sheila,Emily y su mama and I all went to Antioquia! We took a scary bus for like 2 hours and then arrived in this beautiful little town in the mountains. The buildings are all white with paintings. I'm pretty sure no one lives there haha but it was still cute. We had lunch took a little tour and then came home. Oh and I forgot to mention it was hot and sunny..soo nice! Then last night Ella, Viole and I all went out and met up with some other friends in Barranco again. Pictures are the best way to explain Antioquia, so check 'em out below:)
jen's house

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  1. I love you, I miss you and i just book-marked your blog