Thursday, August 4, 2011

Porque te amo mucho!

Because I love you all I am posting the exciting things I did este noche! And because I had coffee at 9pm and there is no way I could rest now. Anyway after spanish today all 14 of us gringos took a micro to Miraflores. Miraflores is one of the safest most touristy's really nice. Then we went to this little park for stray cats and someone said there are 200..They feed them twice a day and there are cute little beds for them. After that we got some food and then the real fun began, we hopped on a Mirabus tour..which is basically a double decker bus of Lima. It was fun to be all touristy with a bunch of other toursits. Seeing Americans is strange haha. But for part of the trip they took us to this park of fountains and I will put more pictures on facebook but who knew fountains could be so interesante! Not me! Then we went to the center of Lima, the downtown-ish area. It has the capitol building, congress..those things in these HUGE colonial style buildings. They are really beautiful but my pictures from the bus don't do them justice and another day we are going to go in the day time and take more pics. Entonces, here are my picz! Enjoy.
P.S-tomorrow is my first friday night on the town in lima-wish me luck!jajaj
miraflores- emily y yo
ella y los gatos
cat beds!
we love ciee... cool
blurry pictures from the bus..

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  1. Those are some nice cat beds! It seems like you haven't been gone that long, but you've done so much already! You are inspiring me to study my spanish this month! Hopefully skype with ya soon! Chow! (That's how Matt said it's spelled in spanish... not sure if I believe him?)
    xoxo- Sarah