Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving and lobos del mar!

Finally  a worthy post!
pretty sunny Lima loou!

Wednesday I went straight from my last  etnografia class(wohoo!) to Ella's house with Jacey, Mauricio met up with us then we all went to the center of Lima to go see our friend Adet sing traditional Andean music. It was a cool cultural experience, music from different provinces.
                                 Surfing last weekend with some ladies. Looking away though because it was so sunny!

Then Thursday was Thanksgiving of course. Went to my last history class, thank god. Prepared some asparagus then headed over to Jen's house with Viole and Mauricio. It was an awesome way to spend Thanksgiving, everyone in my program prepared/brought something traditional and we all brought some Peruvian friends/family to share the experience.
Turkey on the Pie


mis amigos!

And todayy woke up way to early for my liking and headed out with the group to Callao to go see the Isla Palomino. Snoozed on the boat until we reached the islands with the sea lions. Smelly and loud..only way to describe it. I was soo tired so I decided not to go swimming with the lobos del mar..but then when everyone went in I decided why not and jumped in to! They were so funny just popping up their heads and looking at us. We also saw humboldt penguins:) And everyone got burned to a crispy crisp..ooops!

 oh we wont get burned it is cloudy- se dice

 I spy a penguino! Do you?
jajajajajj yesssss