Tuesday, November 15, 2011

busy busyy

So what have I been doing lately..glad you asked.

Friday I went to watch my friend play soccer. For 3 hours....it was not right. What was fun at first quickly got cold and boring.Lets just say I entertained myself by flicking ants off the bench...
Later that night we taught our peruvian friends how to play flip cup...turned out well.

Today woke up at 7am and headed to the beach to do a little surfing. First time without a lesson..the waves were big and scary but I caught a few myself. Got some sea urchin spines in my toes though:( Didn't realize it because it went from sunny to overcast this morning but I am now red as a tomato...
It has been sunny and 70 here everyday basically.

here are photos of the taller de cajon and the taller de cocina....I've been doing other stuff I swear, just can't think of it right now. Two more weeks of classes, exam week then I'm done, increibleee!

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