Sunday, October 30, 2011


I had another baking experience, and let me tell you they just keep getting better! Last week decided to bake cookies with my boyfrandd, yes you read that correctly, and his sister. I swear they thought I was a magician or something and they were only chocolate chip! We burned the shit out of them but they still loved them. The funniest part was that they were surprised an hour later when the cookies weren't soft anymore...hahaha

Anywhoooo went with my program this weekend to Lunahuana- a lush green valley en el campo. Shortly after arriving we headed out white water rafting. The river was beautiful, we all got drenched and swam in some rapids. After lunch we headed out on a city tour-we hiked a hill to see some ruins, walked around little lunahuana, went to an extremely old vineyard and tasted some wine and pisco, went to some other place where  we taste tested delish honey and then went to a real haunted house! Apparently ten days after it was built everyone who lived there died..and I don't remember the rest, but we walked through in the dark and it was spooky.

 My new profession..cobrador...the people who rally you onto the micros and take yo moneyz..this is how they appear yes.

 Today we woke up at dawn and were told we were going zip-line ing and on a short trek. The zip-line was nothing like costa rica..see picture. It was more of a pully system that took forever. The trek lasted over an hour, in the hot desert, at 8 am all just to see... a mummy. The mummy was pretty cool but due to lack of breakfast no one was feeling the trek. After breakfast and pool time we went horseback riding. Which alright but nothing like Huaraz when we rode horses up to glaciers for 5 hours. We lunched and pooled some more before heading out to go on cuatrimotos(four-wheelers, atv's..I don't know what you people call them). We started out single file, mind you two on each cuatrimoto, going through the center of Lunahuana, then we went off on some strange mountain trails and that's when the fun began. Lets just say it was sort of like mariokart in real life. Ella and I came in second only because Tonisha is a crazy driver.
 "zip line"

 Loquitos behind mee

Tomorrow is hopefully we can celebrate it well down here. Tuesday is Dia de los Muertos/ Dia de la cancion Criolla...going to the largest clandestine cemetary, should be interesting!