Friday, October 7, 2011

Is it really Octubre??

Well well well. Interesting week I had. Tuesday went to see Planeta de los Simios(planet of the apes) with Ella and some Peruvian friends. Didn't realize that it would be dubbed so that was a Spanish adventure. Surprisingly I understood it all which was really cool. It was midterms week so two of my classes got cancelled Wednesday so Ella and I went surfing with our friends/instructors and we both ate a lot of shit but did really well on the shorter boards. Yesterday Ella and I decided to explore Barranco ( a cool artist/hippy neighborhood on the beach) because the only time we ever go is at night. We wandered around found a cute art gallery, ate some cookies, and took pics. Then at night we had a dinner with our CIEE group at La Dama Juana. It was a fancy buffet dinner accompanied by Peruvian dances! Ella and I were a little late getting there so we of course got the seats next to the stage...needless to say, the pulled us on stage to dance. 
 Dancin' and eatin'
 Okay I turned into Indiana Jones since you last saw me. That was not my hat btw,it was part of their costume.
                  Okay and then this happened.....but he was like a Peruvian James I don't hate it.

Tonight is the Peru v Paraguay futbol game..AMO PERU!

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