Sunday, September 18, 2011

nada muchooo

Welllll I keep forgetting my that's why I haven't been posting so much, and nothing too crazy happened this week.

 Friday Ella and I went to Starbucks and it was really nice and cozy and felt like winter almost. Then later in the night we went with her family to a Club, which is like an event center, and it was somewhat of a showcase of Peruvian song/dance and Ella's host brother's guitar teacher was releasing his new CD so it was for him I think. Anyway it was cool to see, probably the most Peruvian thing we have done so far. We danced in circles with all the old people, fun fun.

Saturday we went surfing which is always a good time. Then later in the night we went to audriana's friends house to pregame for this charity event....most amazing house, got to know some more Peruvians and then the event was cool, it was like a discoteca outside.

And today(sunday) we got up and went surfing again because it was soo beautiful and sunny! It probably wasn't a good idea though because I was so sore from Saturday. We used shorter boards this time too which was frustrating and the waves weren't that good but it was still fun. Then I went with my friends Emily and Indy to go watch Indy's guy friends play soccer. Here are some picz of this weekend that I stole from Ella!
 After surfing on saturday...cold on zeh beach..not sunny
 can't really see it but that's me! in my neopreneeee today
the sun was out all day...amazing...and I do not know why but there are always a billion parapenters (i think thats what it is called) and I want to do it some time!

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