Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As of today I have been in Peru for two months!

How time flies..only two and half more to go:( sad. Anyway here is a bulleted list of random thoughts after two months...

-why when turning left would you go to the far right lane then try to cut off? three more lanes? why bus driver why !
- they eat every part of the chicken here...yah the feet/claw ...bleh
-someone got killed at the U v Alianza game last saturday so now we can't go to the Peru v Paraguay game:(
- at La Catolica (my school) there are big drama /protests going down because the Vatican wants to make it really catholic
- I don't like when my underwear dries in the kitchen...
-palta palta paltaaa(aka have never tasted something so good)
-spanish is not called spanish here, it is castellano
-when Peruvians speak in English I can't help but die thank you Peru for not laughing at me when I speak Spanish
- Also spanish speakers can't say 'ld' so "world" comes out like "word"
-here I am Sara not Sarah 
- when you buy stuff sometimes at the giant supermarket they write you a receipt at the counter then you take it to the register, pay, then walk back to the counter and they give you what you want
- I broke my key in the door...twisted it all around...I'm like the hulk
- If you want to take a shower you have to turn on the water 40minutes before...major planning
-The sidewalks and every other floor surfaces are really slippery
-nobody has all the time in the house

Okay that is all that comes to mind as of now!

-everyone says I have the face of a's getting old

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